Sholayar Dam Valparai

Hello Friends, In this article we will see the tourist place sholayar dam valparai.

Sholayar dam one of the best places to visit in valparai. This Dam is build in sholayar dam city.

You can reach sholayar dam from valparai by athirapally valparai road. This dam is 24 km away from valparai.

During this trip in athirapally valparai road to sholayar dam you can see beauty flowers, tea estates, pepper plants, jack fruit trees, water reservoir, climate is also awesome.

Beautiful view of hills and bridge from sholayar dam
Beautiful view of hills and bridge from sholayar dam

Once you visit the Sholayar Dam you can see the small park, Guest house, Dam, bridge connect valparai and athirapally, natural plantations, green dense forest, hills view.

To visit the Hydroelectric project you need to get special permission. This sholayar dam reservoir project come under parambikulam Aliyar project.

sholayar dam view from park
sholayar dam view from park

Water storage capacity of this Dam is 160 ft. This dam height is 66 meter and 430.6 meter length.

Sholayar Dam has two reservoir upper sholayar dam and lower sholayar dam. Upper sholayar dam located in Tamilnadu and Lower sholayar dam located in Kerala.

Walking area
Sholayar dam walking area

Upper sholayar dam is open for tourists. But Dam gate is not open all the time. During off season time less water only in reservoir.

Valparai tourist places
Sholayar dam bridge

You can enjoy the climate and natural beauty in the sholayar dam. Second deepest dam in Asia. Small park is near dam you can enjoy with your children.

You can spend about an hour in this dam. Also be careful for leech. You can see many leech in the dam during rainy season. So protect yourself from leech bites.

Entry fee

No entry fee for sholayar dam.

Sholayar Dam Video

How to reach sholayar dam

  • Bus stop also near to this dam.
  • You can reach sholayar dam by bus from bus stand.
  • You need to catch valparai to sheikalmudi bus.
  • Bus fare from valparai to sholayar dam is 20 Rs.
  • Every one hour bus is coming to this dam.

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