How to reach sholayar dam from valparai

How to reach sholayar dam from valparai

Sholayar dam one of the best places to visit in valparai. This Dam is build in sholayar dam city. You can reach sholayar dam from valparai by athirapally valparai road.

Distance between valparai and sholayar dam is 24 km. You can reach this place by two wheeler or four wheeler.

During this travel in athirapally valparai road to sholayar dam. You can see beauty flowers, tea estates, pepper plants, jack fruit trees, water reservoir, climate is also awesome.

If you don’t have a vehicle no problem you can also reach by bus.

By bus

How to reach sholayar dam from valparai
Bridge in Sholayar Dam

Bus stop also near to this dam. You can travel to sholayar dam by bus from valparai bus stand. You need to catch valparai to sheikalmudi bus. Bus fare from valparai to sholayar dam is 20 Rs.

Every one hour bus is coming to this dam. Travel time to this dam from bus is 1 hour.

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