Pondicherry or Puducherry , the capital of the union territory of Puducherry (which  includes Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam) and hence located in the Coromadel  coast of the Bay of Bengal. Pondicherry is the regional capital and largest city in the territory.
The union territory also been a shore of different cultures, from the Romans to the French, who ruled for 300 years. The town almost filled with a lot of heritage buildings and monuments
Pondicherry connect to Chennai via the East Coast Road through Mahabalipuram.The Pondicherry Road Transport Corporation runs buses within the city. The Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation operates Volvo air-conditioned services from Chennai to Pondicherry. There are daily bus services from several main stops from Chennai.

Train Route

Pondicherry is connected by train to all metros: Chennai, Delhi, Howrah, and Mumbai, as well as other important cities such as Kanyakumari, Pune, Bhubaneshwar, Bangalore and Mangalore. Puducherry Airport has scheduled flights to Bangalore.

South India Tourist Place to Visit: 

Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple

Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple was in existence before the French came and settled in Pondicherry i.e. before 1666. According to Sasthra, Lord GANESHA named in 16 types based on his various forms out which this god facing the east cost near Bay of Bengal it named as Bhuvaneshar Ganapathy, now called as Manakula Vinayagar.
The Jesuits and missionaries tried to demolish Manakula Vinayagar, but they could not demolish the temple. During 1700 French prohibited performing poojas and festivals particularly on Fridays in the temple. All the Hindus who were worshipping Lord Vinayaga objected and migrated to Moratandi English Territory.

Seaside Promenade

Promenade is place where you can enjoy the waves and the Sunrise together. Enjoyed the High Tides at early morning.

Paradise Beach

The best beach in Pondicherry and the atmosphere is very good with the background music.

Chunnambar Boat House

Chunnambar Boat House, the popular boating venue, is famous for its backwaters and lush greenery on either side. Tourists can enjoy boating at the Boat House situated near the Chunnambar River

Bharati Government Park

Bharati Government Park calls for some wonderful moments of relaxation with your family or friends. The road leading up to the garden marked by a scenic and picturesque journey. With spacious and well-kept gardens, it is perfect for planning a day’s picnic with your family or friends and bring back some cherish-able memories with you. As it surrounded by many important buildings like the Legislative Assembly, Ashram Dining Room, Governor’s Palace and the Cercle de Pondichéry private club, you will love the sight of these architectural splendours while you relax in nature’s lap.

Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

A sacred place of god. Beauty of the church is adorable and also peaceful place deserves a visit. Interior is very nice.

French War Memorial

The memorial dedicate to Soldiers who laid down their lives in World War 1. Memorial locate at Seaside Promenade. It is a nice structure and very well maintained. It feels very good when you have a look at French architecture and this peace has simplicity but still attract you like anything.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

This church is busy and filled with people. It is beautiful on the outside and inside. It replicates the french colony style buildings and also good place to visit.

INTACH Heritage Centre

INTACH is principally and architecture and design studio. Their specialisation is in restoration work but they can also develop new projects. They have done a lot of work in the region most notably all the Neemrana Hotel restoration work. Their standard very highly regarded and this reputation thoroughly deserved.

Some Important Tourist Places in South India:

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