Poombarai Village View

Poombarai Village View point is one of the tourist places in Kodaikanal. From this view point you can view the Poombarai village. Poombarai Village view is awesome to watch and take photos.

poombarai village view
Poombarai Village View

In this article, We will see poombarai village, How to reach poombarai, What are the things to buy in Poombarai, Famous temple and what are facilities available in Poombarai.


Poombarai village is located in the heart of the Palani hills of Tamil Nadu in India. From Kodaikanal poombarai village is 18 km away. This village is situated at 1,920 meters above sea level.

Poombarai Village is fully covered by the Reserved forest. Therefore you can also see wild animals and birds during travel to this village. Agriculture is major in this village. Poombarai is famous for Sri Kuzhanthai Velappar temple.

How to reach Poombarai village

From Kodaikanal you can reach this place by bike or car or Government Buses are also available from Kodaikanal bus stand. Poombarai Route – Kodai Observatory Road – Poombarai Road.

You need to travel in highly dense forests to reach Poombarai village. You will enjoy the travel to this village. We can see the Palani temple view, different variety of trees and flowers during your trip. Mannavanur lake is 14 km away from Poombarai. You can also visit this place.

What are the things to buy in Poombarai village

Agriculture is a major source in this village. So People cultivate organic garlic, beetroots, potatoes, carrots and a whole lot of variety of fruits and vegetables. You can also buy fresh fruits and vegetables in this village.

Sri Kuzhanthai Velappar Temple

Arulmigu Kuzhanthai Velappar Kovil is a famous temple in this village. This temple also has three thousands years of history and was consecrated by Bhogar. Lord Murgan idol in this temple made of Navapashanam.

During every year Festival happens in this temple after Thaipoosam. People believe that idol made by Bhogar after palani temple idol. This temple was built by the King of Chera dynasty during their ruling in this Hills. Must visit places in poombarai village.

What are the facilities available in Poombarai?

Private Resorts and cottages, Forest department rest house, Canara bank branch, Government Hospital are also available in this village. Before traveling to this village check your vehicle’s petrol and condition. Because petrol is available only in stores. Price is also high in this place.

Poombarai Village View Vblog

Overall Nice place to enjoy your holidays with your family members.

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