Places to visit in Shivgange

Places to visit in Shivgange

In this article, we will see the places to visit in Shivgange. Shivgange situated 20 km from the town of Tumkur and 54 km from Bangalore. Shivgange a mountain peak with a height of 2640 feet and a Hindu pilgrimage center located near Dobbaspet.

This mountain shape as a shivalingam and a spring flows nearby, locally called “Ganga”, thereby by giving the place its name. Some people call it Dakshina Kashi (Kashi of the South). Bangalore locals say that a day is enough to explore all Shivgange has to offer.

places to visit in Shivgange

Getting to the top of the hill is a bit of a trek (20 minutes to be precise), and as you climb you will get to see the most beautiful 360-degree view of what surrounds it.


This place can be reached by public transport. Get down at Dabbaspet, one can take an auto to this place from here.

The place is roughly 60 km from Bangalore. Travelling through public transport may take long to reach this place and may be frustrating at times. It’s better to take a cab from Bangalore.

Places to visit in Shivgange: Location

Location is awesome. It’s a very offbeat but beautiful place to spend some quality time and equally exciting for trekking enthusiasts. The journey to the top starts from the gate of Shiv temple. You can start the trek barefoot or with your footwear on – it’s your choice. But I would suggest to keep it on as you really need them later.

This place holds a very important place in religious arena. It is known as ‘Kashi’ of South as it is host to lot of ancient small temples.And every temple associate with some popular beliefs.

As we move forward and crossed all the stairs and came in open, that’s when we realized the beauty of this place. It’s rocky terrain are amazing, the surroundings are serene, the views all the way to the top are mesmerizing and the location visually attractive.

The topmost point of Shivgange is a treat for your eyes and soul. It’s simply amazing. There is a famous Nandi statue set-up at the top of a cliff and a Shiv temple on the adjacent hill.

Places to visit in Shivgange: Trekking

It took 2 hrs to reach the topmost point. Trekking is moderate in difficulty. I would suggest to carry water with you throughout the trek.

It gets tiring and strenuous at times but it’s equally enjoyable. There are various shops throughout the terrain till the top where water, cold drinks , tea and fruits are available so no worries for that. After crossing the Shiv Parvati Idol, trekking gets a bit tricky. Since, now one has to climb to the top through very steep and narrow stairs.

And the climb itself gets very steep. But its not that much risky since you have railing on both sides of the stairs to hold on to. As you keep climbing higher, the place greets you with awesome views and cool, fresh air absorbs all your tiredness.

People of all ages trekking here and that too most of them barefooted.

Places to visit in Shivgange: Caution

Beware of Monkeys. This place is full of monkeys. But they pose no trouble unless and until you carry something edible. Suggestion is not to carry anything with you, not even a bag if possible.

It keeps you free and make you less appealing to monkeys. They get aggressive on sight of anything edible and may even snatch it from your hands. Otherwise, they are harmless.

It was not much crowded and there were enough people to make you feel safe. But you should avoid it on some ‘pooja’ or religious holidays because it may get crowded enough on these days to spoil your mood.

Overall, it’s a different and beautiful & safe getaway close to Bangalore. Perfect location for one day trek for beginners or to spend some good quality time with your loved ones and friends.

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