Palani to kodaikanal bus timings – Kodaikanal to palani bus timings

Hello Friends, In this article we will see the Bus timings to kodaikanal. you will see Palani to kodaikanal bus timings, kodaikanal to palani bus timings, palani to kodaikanal bus fare, palani to kodaikanal bus distance.

palani to kodaikanal bus
Palar dam view from palani to kodaikanal road

Things to watch during travel, bus timings from kodaikanal to other places.

Palani to Kodaikanal distance is 65 km. You can travel to Kodaikanal from Palani bus stand where government buses are available. You can also travel by bike or car.

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Palani to Kodaikanal bus timings

Latest Bus timings from Palani to kodaikanal (as on now) is 04.15 AM, 05.15 AM, 08:00 AM, 09:15 AM, 12.00 PM, 02.15 PM, 06:30 PM.

palani to kodaikanal bus timings
Palani to Kodaikanal bus

Latest Palani to kodaikanal bus fare is Rs. 60. You can enjoy the hills view from the bus. It will be nice to watch. The last bus from Palani to Kodaikanal is 6.30 PM.

Palani to Kodaikanal drive is awesome. You can also see some small villages on the way to Kodaikanal like Savarikaadu, Vadakavunji, Perumalmalai. You can see small shops in that villages where you can buy tea, coffee, food, fruit etc..,

shop where bus stop - palani to kodaikanal bus timings
Shop in Palani to kodaikanal route

If you are going to Kodaikanal by car or bike via Palani then you need to have good driving skills. Roads are difficult to drive and also 14 hair pin bends are there.

palani kodaikanal trip
Hills view from palani to kodaikanal

You can see the instruction board like drive slow, hair pin board, very deep valley, sound alarm during bends and also palani to kodaikanal road small.

If you want a more comfortable two way road then you can go via kodai road from Batlagundu. Both kodai road and palani road meet at perumal malai. From this place a two way road starts.

hills view from palani to kodaikanal road
Hills with highly dense forest

Things to watch when travel in palani kodaikanal road

  • Beautiful Valley view
  • Greeny Hills view
  • Palar dam view
  • Palani City View
  • Palani Temple View
  • Beautiful Variety of flowers
  • Variety of trees
  • Perumalmalai peak
  • Lot of small waterfalls
  • Greenery valleys
  • Silver cascade waterfall
  • Get water to drink
  • Feel the fresh air
  • Small wild birds like Long‑tailed shrike, Nilgiri wood pigeon, Grey junglefowl and animals like monkeys.

Tourist places near kodaikanal bus stand are

Palani to kodaikanal bus timings
Bus stand in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal to Palani bus timings

Kodaikanal to palani bus timings is 06.00 AM, 07.50 AM, 08.30 AM, 10.15 AM, 12.15 PM, 01.10 PM, 01.40 PM, 03.15 PM, 03.45 PM, 04.30 PM, 07.30 PM.

kodaikanal to palani bus timings
Bus timing board in Kodaikanal bus stand

Kodaikanal to palani bus fare is Rs. 60. You need to reserve the seat during season time to avoid standing in the bus. Kodaikanal to Palani travel time is nearly 2.30 to 3.00 hours.

The bus stop near a small hotel in the travel. You can buy snacks, tea etc..,

Bus timings

Kodaikanal to madurai bus timings is 06.50 AM, 07.20 AM, 08.00 AM, 08.30 AM, 09.00 AM, 09.50 AM, 10.50 AM, 12.00 PM, 01.00 PM, 01.30 PM, 02.00 PM, 02.50 PM, 03.20 PM, 04.40 PM, 05.15 PM.

Kodaikanal to Dindigul bus timing is 06.20 AM, 07.55 AM, 10.10 AM, 10.50 AM, 11.40 AM, 12.20 PM, 01.40 PM, 02.40 PM, 03.40 PM, 04.40 PM, 05.00 PM, 06.00 PM, 06.25 PM, 07.15 PM

01.40 PM, 03.40 PM, 05. 40 PM, 07.15 PM is bus timings for Kodaikanal to Trichy.

Kodaikanal bus stand – kodaikanal to palani bus timing

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