Mathikettan Forest View Kodaikanal

Mathikettan forest view is one of the tourist places in Kodaikanal. Mathikettan solai forest view is one of the must visit places during berijam lake trip. This forest is a highly dense forest.

mathikettan forest view
Mathikettan forest view kodaikanal – Mathikettan solai kodaikanal

This forest total surface is nearly 115 hectares. People are not allowed into this forest because people will lose their mind once they visit this forest. This forest name itself shows this.

Mathikettan Solai which means the forest where one loses his mind. Mathikettan forest preserved as one of the many endangered shola forests in India. There are many endangered animals that live in this forest like Bisons, Nilgiri Langurs, Flying Squirrels, Deers.

In this Mathikettan Solai forest even sunlight does not reach many places. Many people believed that the Sithars (Ancient Medicine Men) lived in this Forest and they did research in Medicine.

The local people believe that a person could lose this mind while entering certain areas in this dense forest where the Sithars lived. No one knows where that area is located in the forest.

There are many herbal items present in this forest. May be this is also the reason for the loss of mind. But still not scientifically proved and remains to be a mystery. This forest view is awesome to watch.

Overall Nice place to watch and take photos in this Mathikettan forest view.

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