Malampuzha Dam – Gardens, Boating, Rope car, Parks, Bridges, Fountain

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malampuzha dam palakkad kerala
malampuzha dam palakkad kerala

Malampuzha Dam Palakkad Kerala

malampuzha dam palakkad kerala

One of the tourist places in kerala. This dam is located near to palakkad. There are many places to watch in malampuzha dam like garden, Statues, rope car, boating, children’s park, Auditorium, hills view, Handling bridges and also snake rescue & rehabilitation center near Malampuzha dam.

Things to watch in Malampuzha dam

Malampuzha dam have several places to watch. They are 

  • Swimming Pool
  • Suspension Bridge
  • River side cottage
  • Boardwalk
  • Yakshi park
  • Boating
  • Nandi park
  • Cactus Park
  • Eco Park
  • Three Boys Park
  • Rope car service
  • Children Park
  • Aquarium Complex
  • Rose Garden
  • Maze park
  • Central Fountain
  • Kaliyamardhanam Fountain
  • Sunken Garden
  • Memory Pillar
  • Chess board

You can see the different types of flowers and plants in this garden. Hills view are awesome to watch. There are some shops in the garden where you can purchase tea, coffee and other items.

You can reach to the next part of dam by walk in the suspension bridge. You can see the malampuzha dam statue like yakshi statue, Nandi statue.

The above places are maintained very good. You can speed nearly 4 to 8 hours in this place. Snake rescue and rehabilitation center and fantasy park are near to the malampuzha dam.

How to reach Malampuzha dam

You can reach malampuzha dam from palakkad. Malampuzha dam is 10 km away from palakkad.

If you reach palakkad by bus, From palakkad bus stand you can get local mini buses to malampuzha dam. The dam is 10 km away from the bus station. The bus charge is 13 rupees from palakkad bus stop to malampuzha dam.

how to reach malampuzha dam

If you reach palakkad by train, From palakkad railway junction you need to walk a small distance to bus station.

From that bus stop you can get mini buses to malampuzha dam. Malampuzha dam is 7 km away from that place. The bus charge is 10 rupees from that bus stop.

This dam is the last stop in that bus route. 

Malampuzha Dam Timings

Timings: 9.00 AM – 7.30 PM

Malampuzha Dam Entry Fee

Malampuzha dam entry fee: Entry fee for adults is 30 Rupees. For Children, The fee is 10 Rupees. If you are using a camera you need to pay for it. Still camera 100 Rs and Video Camera 1000 Rs.

You can take the ticket at the entrance of the dam. If you are caught with a camera without a ticket fine will be imposed.

malampuzha dam entry fee
Malampuzha Dam Entry Fee

Also you need to take separate ticket for boating, fish auditorium, Rope car, Toy train, Swimming pool in those places. 

Malampuzha dam Boating

Boating is one of the important activities in malampuzha dam. Boating conduct with full security.

  • You need to wear a life jacket
  • You need to follow the boat staff instruction properly. 
  • After taking Liquor boating is not allowed.

To know more about boating charges and timings click here: Malampuzha dam boating

Malampuzha Garden Swimming Pool Entrance Fee

Swimming pool is maintained in the malampuzha garden. You can go and swim. Camera is not allowed in the swimming pool. Swimming pool entrance fee details are

  • For 1 hour – 75 INR
  • Locker Fee – 15 INR
  • Locker Advance (Refund) – 100 INR

Swimming pool timings

  • 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
  • 1.00 PM – 2.00 PM – Lunch break

Malampuzha Garden Children Park 

If you come with your kids then this children park is a must visit place. Your children can enjoy this place.

They are several items to play like toy train, play sliding, garden bench, Play swing 2 seat, single swing, see saw, helicopter toy, statues and much more items for children.

Statue in children park malampuzha
Statue in children park malampuzha

You can spends near 1 to 2 hours with your kids in this gardens.

For toy train you need to take tickets 

  • For adult – 10 INR
  • Children – 5 INR

Aquarium Complex

In this place you can see the international fishes. This place is maintained by department of fisheries. Entrance fee for this place is 25 INR.

Aquarium complex entrance
Aquarium complex entrance
Malampuzha dam palakkad kerala

Hotels near Malampuzha Dam

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