Malampuzha Dam Boating

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Malampuzha Boating

Boating is one of the important activities in this dam. Boating conduct with full security.

malampuzha dam boating
malampuzha boating stand

Malampuzha dam one of the tourist places in kerala. This dam is located near to palakkad.

There are many places to watch in this dam like garden, Statues, rope ways, boating, children’s park, Auditorium, hills view, Handling bridges and also snake rescue & rehabilitation center near this dam.

malampuzha dam view
malampuzha dam view
malampuzha dam boating
Boat stand in malampuzha dam

Instruction to follow during boating

  • You need to wear a life jacket.
  • You need to follow the boat staff instruction properly.
  • After taking Liquor boating is not allowed.

Boating Time

Boating time in malampuzha dam is 

  • 10.00 AM – 01.30 PM
  • 01.30 PM – 02.30 PM ( Lunch time )
  • 02.30 PM – 06.00 PM

Malampuzha Boating Charges

Charges for boating are 

  • Motor Boat
    • For 6 persons 1 trip charge is 420 INR
    • For 8 persons 1 trip charge is 530 INR
  • Pedal Boat
    • For 2 persons 15 mins charge is 150 INR
    • For 4 persons 15 mins charge is 270 INR

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