Kodaikanal Tourist Places Photos

Hello Friends, In this articles you can see the kodaikanal tourist places photos like kodaikanal lake photos, Bryant park photos, Upper lake view photos, Guna caves photos, La saleth church photos, Moir point photos, Mathikettan forest view, berijam lake, Fire tower, silent valley, Mannavanur lake, poombarai village view, pillar rocks, vattakanal waterfalls, Kurinji Andavar temple, Chettiar park, Kodaikanal bus stand photos.


  • One of the most popular tourist place in Tamil Nadu.
  • Tourist places are nice to watch and Kodaikanal also referred as the “Princess of Hill Stations”.
  • The meaning to Kodaikanal is  “The Gift of the Forest” in Tamil Language.
  • Famous places to visit in Kodaikanal are kodai lake, Guna cave, Pillar Rocks, Bryant Park etc..,.
  • Kodaikanal is also nice place to go for honeymoon.

You can see the photos of Kodaikanal lake, Devils kitchen, Coakers walk, Upper lake view point, Kodaikanal bus stand, boating ticket details in kodai lake, Horse riding, cycle shops in kodaikanal, Bus timing from kodaikanal, Moir Point etc..,

Kodaikanal Tourist Places Photos

Kodai Lake photos

This lake is man-make lake. Best place where you can spend more time with your family members.

You can also reach kodaikanal lake by walk from the kodaikanal bus stand. This kodaikanal lake is best tourist place for entertainment.

There are a lot of entertainment thing near to this lake such as boating, cycling, horse riding, shopping etc.., 

To know more about this place click here: Kodaikanal lake  

Coakers Walk Photos

Coakers walk is a man made walking area build on mountain. This coakers walk constructed on 1872 by lieutenant coaker. This place is half a kilometer from kodai lake.

The tourist people can spend one to two hours here.  Coakers walk is a man made walking area build on mountain.

To know more about this place click here: coakers walk kodaikanal

Berijam Lake Photos

Mannavanur Lake Photos

Upper Lake View Photos

Upper lake view is one of the must visit place during kodaikanal tour. From this place you can see the kodaikanal lake. You can find some shops near to this view point.

To know more about this place click here: Upper lake view kodaikanal

Devils Kitchen Photos

Guna caves is one of the major tourist attractions in Kodaikanal. This cave was later named after the actor Kamal Haasan’s film Guna before that this place was called the Devils kitchen.

To know more about this place click here: Guna caves kodaikanal

La Saleth Church Photos

La Saleth Church one of the old churches in kodaikanal which was constructed based on Tamil French architecture. This church was dedicated on Easter Sunday of 1866.

To know more about this place click here: La saleth church kodaikanal

Moir Point Photos

Moir point is one of the popular view points in kodaikanal. You can see moir point monuments, statues and also take photos.

To know more about this place click here: Moir point kodaikanal

Pine Forest Photos

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory Photos

Bryant Park Photos

Bryant Park is a botanical Park. During May there is a flower show which is beautiful to watch. Also a good place for taking photography related to nature.

To know more about this place click here: Bryant park kodaikanal

Piller Rock Photos

Silver Cascade Falls Photos

Palar Dam View Point Photos

Mathikettan Forest View Kodaikanal

Silent Valley Kodaikanal

Fire Tower Photos

Poombarai Village View Photos

Vattakanal Waterfalls Photos

Chettiar Park Kodaikanal Photos

Kurinji Andavar Temple Photos

Kodaikanal Bus Stand Photos

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