Kodaikanal one day trip from palani

Kodaikanal is one of the famous tourist places in Tamil Nadu. This Place is situated in Palani hills range. There are many tourist spots in this place. The Kodaikanal climate is awesome. You can enjoy your kodaikanal trip. Many people get confused about which places to visit during kodaikanal one day tour from palani. This article will help you to get an idea about which are the places you can visit in one day from Palani.

  • How to travel to Kodaikanal from Palani?
  • Bus time from Palani to Kodaikanal
  • What are the places you can see in kodaikanal in one day
  • Bus time from Kodaikanal to Palani

You can travel to kodaikanal from palani by Bike, Car or Government buses.

By Bike or Car

If you travel by bike or car then start your travel at 6.00 AM from Palani. On the way you can also see several valleys, some shops in small villages where you get some snacks, Palar Dam view point, Silver Cascade falls, Perumal Malai, Savarikadu etc.., 

You can reach Kodaikanal depending on your speed. Try to reach 8.30 AM Then only you can take breakfast 30 mins and start your travel at 9.00 AM.

Click this articles to know which are the places you can see in your kodaikanal one day trip from PalaniKodaikanal one day trip

By Bus

kodaikanal one day trip from palani
Palani to Kodaikanal Bus

If you don’t have a bike or car or you are not good at hill driving. Then don’t worry you can travel by bus from Palani. The Palani to Kodaikanal bus charge is 60 Rupees only. 

Palani to Kodaikanal Bus Timing is 

  • 4.15 AM
  • 5.15 AM

Try to catch one of these buses then only you can reach Kodaikanal before 8.30 AM. This bus will stop in a small shop where you get some snacks.

Once you reach Kodaikanal several travel agents will come and contact you for a tour.

You can choose one of them. They will pick you in their vehicle and show you places and charge nearly 300 Rs for this trip. Finally they will drop you in Kodaikanal Lake.

Then you can see Kodaikanal lake, Bryant park and Coaker’s Walk. These places are in walkable distance only. You also need to take a ticket in Bryant park and Coakers Walk.

For Kodaikanal lake no entry fees but you need to pay for boating, horse riding, cycling and also you can go for Shopping.

Click this articles to know which are the places you can see in your kodaikanal one day trip from palaniKodaikanal one day trip

What is the bus time from Kodaikanal to Palani?

After you watch all the places finally you can travel to Palani from kodaikanal. The last two bus time from kodaikanal to palani is

  • 4.30 PM
  • 7.30 PM
bryant park kodaikanal
bryant park kodaikanal

Best Hotels in Kodaikanal


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