Kodaikanal Mannavanur Lake

Hello Friends, In this post we will see the tourist place kodaikanal mannavanur lake. Mannavanur lake is located 32 km away from kodaikanal.

This lake is well maintained and also nice place to spend time with family members.

Where mannavanur lake is located?

Kodaikanal to Mannavanur Travel

During your travel to mannavanur lake you need to travel in highly dense forest. You can feel the thrillness if travel via car or bike.

On the way to mannavanur lake you can see the mannavanur lake view point, Poombarai village view, Greeny forest, Different type of flowers, trees, valley and if you are lucky you can also see the animal in the forest. 

Similarly there are some more villages near mannavanur like Kavunji, poondi, Kilavarai.

Before travel to Mannavanur lake from Kodaikanal check the petrol for your vehicles. Because there is no petrol pump.

Only petrol available in stores where you need to pay extra amount for petrol. 

Mannavanur Lake Entry Fee

Entrance Fee for mannavanur Lake is 

  • Adult – 20 Rs
  • Child – 10 Rs
  • Camera – 25 Rs
  • Video Camera – 50 Rs
  • Coracle – Parisal – 75 Rs
  • Horse Ride – 75 Rs

Mannavanur Lake area is 90 Hectare. In mannavanur lake you can see several places. They are

  • Eco tourism management center entrance
  • Canteen
  • Tea stall
  • Trekking path
  • Camping site
  • Lake coracle ride
  • Watch tower
  • Canal
  • Brook walk area
  • Mannavanur river
  • Greeny grass
  • Hills view
  • Film shooting spot etc..,

This mannavanur lake is also eco friendly area where you can see bamboo dinner area, tea stall. Here tea and food are good.

You can spend nearly 3 to 6 hours in this place and also best place for children to play.

Mannavanur Lake Hotel

You can also buy different types of snacks like Tea, Green tea, Lemon tea, Black tea, Ginger tea, coffee, biscuits and Noodles.

dining halls in mannavanur lake
Dining halls in mannavanur lake

Also you can buy food for lunch like variety rice, meals, chicken, chapati etc..,



  • Observe the wonderful wildlife activities.
  • Listening to the mesmerizing bird calls.
  • Photograph wildflowers.
  • Amaze at the beauty of wild orchids.
  • Enjoy the Gurgling sound of wild streams.
  • Use hand-lens to amaze at the beauty miniature life forms.
  • Enjoy the thrill of photographing the sunrise and sunset over the mountain peaks.


  • Don’t go inside the forest without permission.
  • Don’t drink and smoke inside the forest.
  • Using of polythene, plastic items are strictly prohibited inside the forest.
  • Don’t make noise inside the forest because wild animals are functioning.
  • Don’t disturb and feed the wild animals.
  • Walk on the grass.
mannavanur lake do and don't
Mannavanur lake do and don’t

If you don’t follow these step, then severe action will be taken according to the Wild Life Protection ACT 1972.

Poombarai Village View

Poombarai village is located 18 km away from kodaikanal and 14 km away from Mannavanur lake.

You can visit this village during your travel to mannavanur lake.

This village looks very beautiful and also you can visit the Arulmigu Kuzhandhai Velappar Kovil in this poombarai village. 

Poombarai Village View
Poombarai Village View

You can also purchase good quality crops like carrot, broccoli, potatoes in this village.

Poombarai village view is also look very beautiful and must visit place in kodaikanal.


How to reach mannavanur lake from kodaikanal?

You can reach mannavanur lake from kodaikanal by travelling via poombarai. Need to travel in ten mile road before moir point poombarai road is split. You can travel from the poombarai road to mannavanur lake.

How much distance between kodaikanal and mannavanur?

The distance between kodaikanal and mannavanur lake is 34 km.

Things to watch during your travel to mannavanur lake from Kodaikanal?

You can see the upper lake view, kodaikanal solar observatory polangara odai falls, poombarai village view, poombarai murugan temple, Lake view, highly dense forest, different types of flowers, trees, deep valley.

What are the villages near to this lake?

Poombarai, kavinji, poondi, kilavarai, kookal

Mannavanur Lake in Kodaikanal – Mannavanur Tourism

Much visit place if you visit kodaikanal.

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