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Kodaikanal lake or Kodai lake is one of the famous tourist places in kodaikanal. Every year million of people visit this lake. Kodai lake is a man-made lake and also the best place where you can spend more time with your family members. Kodaikanal Lake is located near to Kodaikanal bus stand. You can reach this place by walking from Bus stand.

Kodaikanal lake

#1 Among places to visit in kodaikanal

Distance: 500 M away from Kodaikanal Bus stand

Develop By: Sir Vere Henry Levinge

Time Spend: 4 to 8 Hrs

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Kodaikanal Lake

Kodaikanal lake or Kodai lake is a very important tourist place in kodaikanal. Every year many people come to this place.

Boat house
kodai lake boating

Kodai lake is a man-made lake and also the best place where you can spend more time with your family members.


kodaikanal lake
Kodaikanal Lake

How to reach kodaikanal?

  • From the palani town
    • Kodaikanal is 65 km away.
    • You can reach by car or bike.
    • Bus transport is also available from the palani bus stand.
    • Bus starting time is 4.15 AM
    • Last Bus time is 6.30 PM
    • Palani to Kodaikanal trip
  • By kodai road
    • You can reach by call-taxi or bike.
    • Bus transport is also available from the Madurai or Batlagundu bus stand.


Sir Vere Henry Levinge, Collector of Madurai, wants to settle in Kodaikanal after his retirement.

In the year 1863 the henry levinge created the lake with the help of missionaries from USA. he also bought the boat from Tuticorin for boating on this lake.

Kodaikanal Lake Entertainment

You can reach Kodaikanal lake by walking from the kodaikanal bus stand. This Kodaikanal lake is the best tourist place for entertainment.

There are a lot of entertainment thing near to this lake such as boating, cycling, horse riding, shopping etc..,

Kodaikanal Lake Cycling

Cycling is one of the important activities in Kodaikanal lake. You can see a lot of cycling shops near kodaikanal lake.

You can also hire the cycle depending on your wish. There are different types of cycle available such as single cycle, double cycle. Cycle rent is given below.

Single Cycle rent is 50 Rupees for 30 minutes. Double Cycle rent is 100 Rupees for 30 minutes.

Kodaikanal Lake Boating

Boating is another important entertainment in Kodaikanal lake. You can go boating with your partner or friends.

There are different types of boats available.

  • Pedal boats
  • Row boats
  • Honeymoon boat

You can see the Kodaikanal lake boating charges 2020 details in the below image.

2020 Kodaikanal lake boating charges are

kodaikanal lake boating charges 2019

2 Seater Pedal Boat – Deposit Collected for Pedal Boats.

4 Seater Pedal Boat – 180 Rs / 30 mins, 360 Rs / 1 hour.

Boat house in kodaikanal lake

Row Boat 6 Person (Boat Hire + Boatman Charge) – 330 Rs / 20 mins, 660 Rs / 40 mins.

Shikara ( Honeymoon Boat – 2 Seater) – 495 Rs / 20 mins, 990 Rs / 40 mins.
(Boat Hire + Boatman Charge)

Free for one child below 5 years

Kodaikanal lake boating timings is 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM

Horse Riding

Boy going for horse riding

Horse riding is also very famous at Kodai lake. You can go horse riding. Depending on your wish charges may vary.

You can see the horse riding charges below.

Four Plan are available for Horse Riding:

  • 1 km Horse Riding (incl – Return) – 100 Rupees
  • 3 km Horse Riding (incl – Return) – 300 Rupees
  • Photo 1 – 50 Rupees & Video 1 km – 200 Rupees
  • 1 hour Horse Riding (Out of place self riding) – 600 Rupees
  • Half Charge extra for children.

Kodai Lake Shopping

For shopping also this place is best. There are a lot of shops near the lake. Where you can buy the statues, ornaments, herbal product, cloths, Artifacts, home made chocolates, fruits, vegetables, toys etc..,

Tibetan shops are also here where you can buy the handmade artifacts, gifts, quality woolen, jackets, toys etc..,. But price is high depending on quality for materials.


Shop Near to the Kodai Lake

Tibetan Shops – Clothing shop
Here you can buy the quality woolen cloths, jackets etc at a fixed price.
Jsr naturals oils & spices – Chocolate shop
Nice places to buy the quality chocolate and spices. This shop is opposite the boat house.
Fruit Stall – Fruit Shop
You can buy almost all varieties of fruit in this place.
Kodai cheese – Cheese Shop
You can buy all varieties of cheese here. Cheese is fresh with good quality. The prices are a little based on the quality.
VIJI.s herbals & Natural Oils – Oil Shop
Best place to buy natural and healthy oils.
S.K.S.K Cycle Shop
Here you can buy a cycle for rent. Cycling around the lake is one of the best activities near the lake.
Cycle Shops
Another cycle shop where we can buy a cycle for rent.
Apollo Pharmacy – Medical shop
For any emergency you can go and buy the medical items here.


There are many restaurants near the kodai lake. Some important restaurants are

Hilltop Inn
In this restaurant you can order veg, non-veg and also pizza, ice cream. Nice restaurants.
MannManam Restaurant
Best restaurant for homely ethnic food. Nice places to eat traditional non-veg items.
Tava Vegetarian Restaurant
This restaurant is vegetarian. Maximum all the Indian veg items are served here.
Muncheez – Italian Restaurant
In this restaurant you can buy a  simple menu of wraps, burgers, sandwiches and fries.
The Royal Tibet
Nice places. you can buy a Mouth Watering, Tibetan bread, cheese omelette, fried potatoes, crispy beef etc..,

Hotels Near to the Kodai Lake

Kodai Resort
Address: Coaker’s Walk, Kodaikanal
Phone No: 04542 240 632
This resort is 0.6 Km from the kodai lake.
Le Poshe by Sparsa
Address: No 25 Sivanadi Road | Near Kurinji Andavar temple, Kodaikanal
Phone No: 04542 240 514
This resort is 0.7 Km from the kodai lake.
Hotel Kodai International
Address: 17/328 Laws Ghat Road | Kodaikanal, Kodaikanal
Phone No: 044 2535 0995
This resort is 0.5 Km from the kodai lake.
Hotel Apple Valley
Address: Anna Salai, Kodaikanal
Phone No: 04542 243 100
This resort is 0.2 Km from the kodai lake.
Hotel Silver Springs
Address: 5/27 – 1 Laws Ghat Road, Kodaikanal
Phone No: 04542 241 505
This resort is 0.1 Km from the kodai lake.

Visiting Time For Kodai Lake

  • Sunday – 6.00 AM to 5.00 PM
  • Monday – 6.00 AM to 5.00 PM
  • Tuesday – 6.00 AM to 5.00 PM
  • Wednesday – 6.00 AM to 5.00 PM
  • Thursday – 6.00 AM to 5.00 PM
  • Friday – 6.00 AM to 5.00 PM
  • Saturday – 6.00 AM to 5.00 PM

Entry Fees

  • No entry fee for Kodai lake.
  • For boating, Horse riding, cycling you need to pay separately.

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Tourist Places Near Kodai Lake

Every tourist who visits Kodaikanal must see this beautiful place. Enjoy the beauty of this lake and go with wonderful memories of your life.

You can plan your trip to kodaikanal. You can also contact the travel agent. They have several tour plans.

  • Travel Company: Taj Tours and Travels
  • Phone No: 9842147494, 04542 242394, 94882 32868

Local Guide

  • Name: Vinoth
  • Phone No: 8825576725
  • During the Kodaikanal tour, If you are looking for a local guide. You can contact the person above. He is an experienced hills driver and also local guide.
  • Who can help you to visit all tourist places?
Kodai lake kodaikanal – Kodaikanal lake boating charges

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