Devils Kitchen Kodaikanal – Guna Caves

Hello Friends, In this post we will see the devils kitchen kodaikanal. Guna caves is one of the famous tourist place in kodaikanal.

Guna caves is one of the major tourist attractions in Kodaikanal. This cave was later named after the actor Kamal Haasan’s film Guna before that this place was called the Devils kitchen.

devils kitchen kodaikanal
Devils Kitchen – kodaikanal guna parai

When British People visit this place during British rule there was some smoke coming inside the cave so they thing some evil power is cooling. So they called this place as Devils Kitchen.

Few years ago trekking are available in this place. Many people have lost their lives in this cave due to their careless. Because of that Government ban the tourist to visit this place now.

Rope fence is set 100 feet before the cave starts. During rainy season you need to more careful in this place.

Devils kitchen kodaikanal
Devils Kitchen Kodaikanal

Devils kitchen entry fee 2019

During visit you can take the ticket in the entrance of Guna caves. Devils kitchen entry fee 2019 are list below

  • Adult and Child – 10 Rs
  • Camera – 20 Rs
Devils kitchen kodaikanal entry fee 2019
Devils kitchen entry fee 2019

Places to visit in Kodaikanal

You can also visit other tourist places in kodaikanal. Some of them are

What is the bus fare from palani to kodaikanal?

The bus fare from palani to kodaikanal is 60 rupees

What are the best places to visit in kodaikanal during one day tour?

Kodai Lake, Bryant park, Coakers walk, la saleth church, pine forest, moir point, Guna caves

Is tourist allowed for trekking in devils kitchen kodaikanal?

No, Few years ago tourists are allowed for trekking in devils kitchen. But some people are loss their life during trekking. So Tamilnadu Government ban trekking in guna caves.

What is the entry fees for Guna caves kodaikanal?

Entry fees for adult & child is 10 rupees.
For camera 20 rupees.

Why this place is named as Devils kitchen kodaikanal?

During british rule, foreigners visit this place and they see a lot of smoke coming under from this place. They think some devils is cooking in this area. So they called this place as devils kitchen.

Devils Kitchen Kodaikanal

Plan you trip

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Local Guide

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